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Is it possible for athletes outside of the UK to compete in your show?

Yes, of course! We have no residency restrictions, any athlete from any country is allowed.

If I won my pro-card at the show, could I enter the pro divisions in the same weekend?

Certainly! Though only if your respective pro division is being held. Please refer to the the dates in question for pro divisions being held.

Can I register for more than one division/class over the weekend?

We have three shows in 1, essentially. A regional qualifier show (non-pro qualifier), a pro-qualifier and a pro-show. The regional show will have classes per division i.e. teen, masters etc. The pro qualifier and pro divisions are open only – No sub classes. The regional show allows for crossovers, for those athletes not quite sure where they fit yet and want to try both i.e. like Masters and open and/or Classic and Mens Physique. The pro- qualifier can also allow for crossovers across divisions like Classic and Mens physique. For example as a Mens physique athlete of 36 years of age could complete in Masters and open during the Regional, and then compete in their respective height class in the pro qualifier. This athlete could do this for 2 divisions if desired – i.e. Mens Physique and Classic Physique.

What time does my class go on stage?

This event has been carefully structured so that athletes, as well as spectators, aren’t kept waiting around unnecessarily. Throughout each day there will be planned ‘sessions’ in which particular divisions are to be judged on stage, Please refer to your info packs for your division time frame.

Can athletes from other federations compete?

Yes; we have no restrictions with amateur athletes from other federations.

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