Show Day Pro Day 2020


Thanks for putting on a great seminar. I have already participated and will continue to compete with 2bros. I love what they have bought for the athletes to the UK. I chose to come to the event incase there was something new to learn or changes within what the judges look for. The event on a whole was great, content was good and venue was perfect.


I am going to compete on the 3rd of May for the first time with the federation. I have told a lot of people about how lovely and welcoming the fed was and how useful the seminar was!! I chose to attend to learn more about the fed I was aiming to compete in - to see what they are looking for from me as a competitor. I was hoping to take away for knowledge which I definitely did. The event definitely met its goals. I don’t think anything could have been added at this time. Venue was grand as well as location; perfect size. Overall felt the federation where really welcoming and friendly. I am so excited to compete with 2brospros now! I am so glad I went to the event as I feel as though I have gained more knowledge on what is expected of me as a competitor!! 


Had a great time, found it very informative and I so appreciate the price, location and time 2Bros took to put this together 


Based on my experience of competing with you guys last season, I have already recommended 2bros to many of my friends. Some have added 2bros to their show calendar this season. There was some bits of information that I may have not already known about. Having the opportunity to speak to Paul Crook from a judges perspective and also the pros themselves really gave me an opportunity to get some tips that I didn’t know about.


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