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Amateur Athlete Rules and Regulations

Read below to understand the rules for competing in a 2 Bros Pro Events IFBB Pro League Pro Qualifying event.
Men's Physique
Men's Bodybuilding
Men's Classic Physique
Women's Physique
Regional Registration Rules Only

These rules do not apply to the Amateur Olympia or the Ben Weider Worldwide Classic.

1. To enter the regionals, we would need to see that you have lived within the UK or ROI.
2.This can be done via a scan or screenshot of any form of ID or utility bill containing your address at the point of registration.
3.You may enter as many classes as you wish, providing you fit the entry criteria.
4.To Qualify for the British finals you will need to finish top 6 in your class. This will qualify you for the class you have entered as well as allow you to register for the open.
5.If you finish top 6 in the open class, you can only qualify to the British finals in the open class.
6. Judges may also invite additional entries to the British finals at their discretion
7.Only overall open class winners will receive free entry to the British finals open class.
8. All height and weight rules will follow the NPC world wide amateur rules found on our website under rules tab.
9. Registration to the British finals must be completed before September 2nd.
10.You do not need membership for any 2 bros pro ,NPC world wide competitions to register.