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Introducing... Bruna Bueno

Hi everyone, Bruna Bueno here. I am a fitness journalist that worked with and for very renowned fitness magazines. After years working in the background sharing amazing stories and all aspects of bodybuilding through many published articles, am proud to say that I am officially part of the 2BrosPro Media Team. Making sure the athletes have their hard work covered has always been a priority of mine and could not wish for a better team to do this with. This year the 2BrosMedia will cover every aspect of the British bodybuilding scene, and bring insights from international personalities, experts, and coaches to help anyone who wants to further their bodybuilding goals. 


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Raising the bar by Bruna Bueno.

My first experience with the team was at the trained by JP Kingdom Classic as the opening show for the 2021 season. The first ever bodybuilding event held in a marquee in England. With so many rules to be followed due to COVID-19, one would think that something would be missing or lacking a bit of attention, but no, everything was exceptionally well organised in detail. The members of staff were working in a very synchronised way that made the show go incredibly smooth, something I have never seen in a British bodybuilding event before. Was utterly amazed by the level of commitment of everyone involved. The show happened on time following the schedule and was athlete focused. It was clear to everyone that what mattered the most was to provide the athletes the best experience and how they could make the most of their time on stage. Smiles were everywhere. Incredible athletes such as Marcell Vormawah, Curtis Stevens, and Amy Harris have taken the sword home and proven that lockdown would not stop bodybuilding happening in England. 

The following day was the second show of the season, The 2021 Rego Raw Ryan Terry Classic where Ryan Terry himself was present to give everyone that extra motivation. The event had the same level of organisation and sleekness as the day before. Gratefulness and happiness were contagious among athletes and coaches. Was impressed by the level of competitiveness that some athletes such as Lewis Breed, Victoria Vzvodnaya, and Liam Hillyard had bought up to the stage. 

Against all odds, 2BrosPro has adapted to the circumstances again and made history by bringing about two ​awe-inspiring events in two days in the middle of a pandemic. 

Would like to congratulate Ian Constable and Kelly Woolfrey for organising every level of the show to such detail. To Mr. JT for making sure all the athletes had support and everything they needed for their shining moment. To Abby, Maddy, and Isabella for taking care of the backstage and stage area in a very organised way. To the judge's Sam, Hollie Feeney, Adam Taylor, Ian Measures, and Paul Crook for doing the hardest work and doing it with excellence. To photographers and stage collaborators who made sure the athletes would have their moment well covered. To Braywick Leisure Centre Management for providing everything needed to make the first-ever bodybuilding event held in a marquee a total success. 

To the NPC and IFBB Pro League would like to say thank you for supporting British bodybuilding and all our athletes. 

Ultimately, this is what bodybuilding is about. Bringing the best in people through hard work and consistent improvements. The bar has been raised to a standard never seeing in England before. It was about time for someone to step up and make things happen on British soil. And it is just the beginning. 


2Bros Media

10xAthletic Ben Weider Worldwide Classic 2021 by Bruna Bueno.

We watched the world stop with the pandemic. Most bodybuilding federations have decided to not put on shows because of the volume of rules enforced to be followed. Athletes in the UK would have had no opportunities to pursue their dreams if was not for 2BrosPro step in and provide them with a platform to do so. Differently than any other federation, and with 100% approval from authorities, 2BrosPro organised another successful event in the middle of pandemic.The first pro qualifier show for the 2021 season was a remarkable experience for everyone. The 10xAthleticusa Ben Weider Worldwide Classic become the first pro qualifier event in the history of British bodybuilding to be held in a marquee.

The amount of planning required was outstanding to achieve such a high level of organisation, and the credit goes to the dedicated team of staff. Is clear to everybody to see what the NPC and IFBB Pro League representative company in the UK stands for. It is all about the athletes and to provide them the platform to pursue their aspirations in life. 

Many of the competitors have travelled from abroad and have had to submit themselves to multiple health checks in order to make it to the stage. Supporting each other, the company and the competitors were able to put another successful show on the books.

The event awarded seven pro cards. The first winner for the day was Lewis Breed for overall bodybuilding, who presented an astounding physique on stage. Abou Konate won the overall for Classic Physique, with an impressive package at only 23 years of age. Liam Hillyard overall winner for Men’s Physique showing an incredible potential for the pro stage. Ilaria Armeni for Women’s Physique. Jennifer Zienert from Germany won the overall for Women’s Figure. Victoria Vzvodnaya took the overall for the division that it has been the sensation of the moment, Wellness, and the Italian Camilla Porfito won the overall for the Bikini division.

Well worth to mention was the turn up of the Arnold’s Sports Director Manuel Benages at the registrations and show day. Manuel, who was at the site to do research on the standard of athletes that would be possibly competing at the Arnold’s, brought up the mind-blowing news that the official prize fund for the Arnold Classic would be over $110,000. What an opportunity not only for five IFBB Pros to qualify for Olympia 2022, but to take home an amazing reward for their dedicated work.

The sport is all about support and without the continue aid of the British bodybuilding community this event would not have been such a success. Congratulations to all members of staff, that worked relentlessly to make every competitor make the most of their time on the stage. Congratulations to everyone competing for their dedication through such hard times. Thank you to  the amazing sponsors that believe and support the federation.

History has been made, and you are part of it. 


2Bros Media

MK Classic 2021 by Bruna Bueno.

When you have long-time supporters of the federation coming up with a show, you better bet it is going to be fun and fresh. Successfully added to the books, the first MK classic sponsored by MK Elite coaching with head sponsor 10x Athletic and annual sponsors Trained by JP and Rego Raw was an incredible regional qualifier. 

Well known in the British and worldwide bodybuilding scene, Megan Sylvester and Kuba Cielen, both IFBB Pros alongside 2BrosPro team have created an amazing opportunity for athletes to show case their hard work. Named after Meg and Kuba’s coaching business, the MK Elite coaching, the MK Classic was filled with excitement.

What was lovely to observe was the caring and support from the staff with the first-time competitors that were the majority of the athletes competing at this event. Everyone was very welcoming and sympathetic, and one could see how relieved the athletes were to be given a superb treatment, as it should be. It’s well worth to mention that every athlete is given the amazing opportunity to be judged (and get the feedback if they wish to) by the top judges in our federation in any category they may opt to compete in. 

Megan and Kuba were present at the show to support and give every competitor that extra motivation to show case their hard work. Incredible athletes as Douglas Price, Josh Bridgman, Gemma Mac Millan and Hayley Simpson have taken the sword home and proven that lockdown would not stop bodybuilding happen in British soil.

Congratulations to Ian Constable for being the only promoter in the UK to put shows together in the middle of a global pandemic. To Kelly Woolfrey for doing an amazing job and always go beyond and above to make sure everyone has the best experience with 2Bros. To Mr JT for being an outstanding supporter for competitors and staff members, we could not do it without you cheering everyone up. To the backstage girls, Abby, Maddy, and Izabela, what a team you make! To everyone involved in making this event happen, from Braywick Leisure Centre management to photographers, and to every competitor that faced one of the most challenging times with bravery and audacity.

Thank you to our extraordinary annual sponsors, 10x Athletic, Trained by JP and Rego Raw, for trusting and believing in true British bodybuilding.

Thank you to the NPC and IFBB Pro League for continue support.

It is right to say that the last of the events planned to be held in marquee because of Covid-19 rules closed the pandemic chapter with golden key. 2BrosPro has proved once again that where there is a will, there is a way.

We are looking forward to see the improvements made by the athletes once they step at the British Finals and Arnold Classic fighting for the pro status. And we are very much excited for their possible pro debut at the biggest bodybuilding event the UK has ever seen, The Arnold Classic IFBB professional league pro show. Now, let’s get back into the venues and make magic happen.