I am a perfectionist when it comes to details, with a proven track record; All athletes who I have supported this season have won overall champion or placed top 3 minimum.

As an ex professional dancer and teacher, I was fortunate enough to compete nationally, meaning I have ample experience performing and presenting on stage. Teaching dance to an exceptionally high standard, I helped dancers get into professional companies and prestigious theatre schools. I have over 10 years of training experience but started my own competitive bodybuilding journey in 2019. After winning my first ever show in the Wellness division, I have never looked back! I have placed nothing less than 1st or 2nd and have been consistently complimented for my captivating stage presence and flawless posing, leading me to some great opportunities providing posing lessons for clients of top coaches, from first timers to pro athletes. I cannot wait for my IFBB Pro League Debut!

I provide athletes with a quality assured service where they can be confident knowing that they are receiving a high standard of expertise from somebody who has "walked the walk" (achieving IFBB Pro status with the 2bros federation itself). I have a solid understanding of the set criteria required for the bikini & wellness class specifically, as well as the ability to teach the poise, confidence and stage presence necessary to be a successful competitor. Covering the following: show day procedure, individual I-walk, mandatory poses, comparison round, glute walk, poise & posture on stage, hair/bikini/jewellery advice etc. 

With my knowledge and experience as a fitness and posing coach within the bodybuilding industry, I have an expert eye when it comes to the details needed to create those angles to best showcase individual physiques. Presentation is a priority when competing and I support each athlete's journey in feeling at their most confident when presenting their final package on stage.I offer face to face posing sessions (Essex based but I do travel), as well as online. Additional services include: face to face posing check-ins on show day itself, as well as a posing analysis service, offering video feedback to athletes.


2021 Regional - Beginners Wellness: 1st 

2021 La Familia - Novice Wellness: 1st 

2021 La Familia - Open Class B Wellness: 2nd 

2021: British Finals - Novice Wellness: 1st 

2021: British Finals - Open Class C Wellness: 1st 

2021: British Finals - Wellness Overall - OVERALL CHAMPION & AWARDED IFBB PRO CARD


Figure Posing Coach


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IG - @babsbodyfit


My name is Barbara Kiss, I am an IFBB Figure Pro and an online physique coach, working mainly with females who are keen to improve their physique as well as their mindset. 

I have been competing since 2016. As an amateur, I won several regional shows, a British Champion title and I earned my IFBB Pro Card in 2018. I now compete as a professional athlete in the IFBB Figure Division.

Over the years, bodybuilding has become my passion and profession. Competing has allowed me to continuously strive progression and to fulfil some of my biggest goals. 

I absolutely love this sport and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience I gained throughout the years. I offer posing coaching to aspiring and seasoned figure competitors, to ensure that they present their physique on stage best they can. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with many competitors and helped them improve their posing, overall presentation and confidence for their big day.

I am available for 1-2-1 or small group posing sessions, in person and online.


2018 - 2Bros Ben Weider Classic Overall Figure Champion, IFBB Pro Card earned

2019 - Romania Muscle Muscle Fest Pro, Pro Debut 5th Place

2019 - Legion Sportsfest Los Angeles, Top 10

2020 - Arnold Classic Australia Invitee


Mens Bodybuilding & Mens Classic Physique Posing Coach


IG - bodylimitgym

Train with a legend. Coaching & posing packages now available. DM for more info or visit the Body Limit gym website.


Bikini Posing Coach


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Facebook - jadekelsie_ifbbpro

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Health and Fitness is my true passion, but this hasn’t always been the case. I used to hate going to the gym or training in general. This was until I got the satisfaction of results and seeing that I could make positive changes to my body and overall health.

Now, it is a massive part of my life, I live and breathe bodybuilding and everything health and fitness related. I have learnt a lot throughout the years of competing, my knowledge has further allowed me to now own a business doing 1-2-1 personal training and online coaching and posing. The experience I have had is something I want to share, as having a healthy lifestyle can help change your life for the better.

As much as cliché as it sounds, failure is the fuel the burns the fire. I didn't succeed at my first attempt at becoming pro, but I didn't give up. I worked hard and after a few competitions I reached my goal. In 2019 I won my IFBB Pro card at the Amateur Olympia in London, taking the overall win as well.

My journey had proved how much this sport really means to me. Since then I have wanted to take on clients to help them achieve their goals, even if they thought it was out of site. I want girls to walk on stage and feel confident about what they have achieved, posing can make or break your routine if your not confident about being on stage the judges can see it. Doesn’t matter how fabulous you look sometimes it’s how you carry yourself and that’s something I want to pass on.


Overall Winner Amateur Olympia Bikini Champion 2019

1st - Amateur Olympia London Bikini 2019

1st - 2 Bros Watford Bikini 2019

Overall Winner 2Bros Watford 2019

2nd - British 2 Bros Finals 2019

2nd - IFBB Amateur Olympia Alicante 2018