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I am an experienced competitor, winning national & international shows. I achieved my IFBB Bikini Pro Card in Alicante, Spain in 2022.

I have a real passion for posing and I love helping girls of all levels, from real beginners looking to learn the basics of posing but also have an eye for the finer details & teaching people how to really showcase their physique in the best light on stage.

I help people from first time competitors, all the way through to those looking to achieve pro status.

I offer 1-2-1 online posing lessons & can do in person lessons upon request.

Covering mandatory poses, transitioning, individual presentation (I-Walk), comparison round, walking, stage presence & confidence.

I am looking forward to working with you & helping you bring your best to the 2Bros stage!

Competing history:


2Bros British Finals 3 x 1st

2Bros 1 x 1st


2Bros 1 x 1st

2Bros 1 x 1st

NPC Alicante 1 x 2nd

2Bros Denmark 1 x 1st

NPC Alicante 1 x 2nd


2Bros 1 x 1st

NPC Alicante 1 x 1st

2Bros Finland 1 x 1st

2Bros UK 1 x 2nd

NPC Alicante 1 x 1st & Overall & Pro Card


Bikini Posing Coach

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IG - jess_thebikinicoach


I offer online and in-person posing lessons to both first timers looking to learn the basics, up to experienced competitors looking to develop and refine their poses and individual routine.

Posing lessons will cover your NPC/IFBB mandatory poses, comparison rounds, transitions, your individual presentation, as well as perfecting your stage presence and the overall package that you will bring to the stage.

I believe that how you showcase your physique through your posing can make a massive impact on how you present yourself to the judges on stage. This can be the difference between taking first place and just falling short, which is why I am so passionate about helping other girls work on their posing routines to bring their absolute best to the stage.

I am an experienced bikini competitor, and I have won both national & international shows. I achieved my IFBB Bikini Pro Card in Milan, Italy in September 2023.

Competing history:

June 2022

2Bros Regional - Overall Bikini Champion

July 2023

2Bros Regional - Overall Bikini Champion

NPC Spain BigMan Weekend - Top 4 Class D

August 2023

2Bros Tru Athlete - 1 x 1st place

2Bros Norway - 1 x 1st place

September 2023

NPC Italy Flex Weekend - Overall & IFBB Pro Card winner


Men's Physique Posing Coach


IG - ifbb_pro_tylersmith

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I’ve now been competing for almost 15 years and turned pro at the British finals in 2020. Since then I have competed all over the world in front of the worlds best judges and now know the importance of presenting yourself correctly. It really can be the difference between winning and losing!

I love to help others present their physique to their very best abilities on stage and teach them what the judges are looking for. 

I help those competing for the very first time, all the way to those who are looking to achieve pro status. 

I cover the mandatory front and rear poses, transitioning between poses, individual presentation, along with stage presence and confidence. 

So let’s get you ready for the 2Bros stage!

Pro Competition History 


IFBB PRO Portugal 16th

IFBB PRO Euro championships 16th

IFBB PRO Arnold’s UK 7th


IFBB PRO UK 1Bro 2nd

IFBB PRO Italy 9th

IFBB PRO Arnold’s UK 8th

IFBB PRO France 7th


IFBB PRO California 6th

IFBB PRO Daytona Beach 6th

IFBB PRO Legion sports 5th


IFBB PRO Poland 6th