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‘I help bring out your best on stage!’ 

I am a perfectionist when it comes to details, with a proven track record; All athletes who I have supported this season have won overall champion or placed top 3 minimum.

As an ex professional dancer and teacher, I was fortunate enough to compete nationally, meaning I have ample experience performing and presenting on stage. Teaching dance to an exceptionally high standard, I helped dancers get into professional companies and prestigious theatre schools. I have over 10 years of training experience but started my own competitive bodybuilding journey in 2019. After winning my first ever show in the Wellness division, I have never looked back! I have placed nothing less than 1st or 2nd and have been consistently complimented for my captivating stage presence and flawless posing, leading me to some great opportunities providing posing lessons for clients of top coaches, from first timers to IFBB pro athletes. 

I provide athletes with a quality assured service where they can be confident knowing that they are receiving a high standard of expertise from somebody who has "walked the walk" (achieving IFBB Pro status with the 2bros federation itself). I have a solid understanding of the set criteria required for female classes, specialising in the bikini & wellness class specifically, as well as the ability to teach the poise, confidence and stage presence necessary to be a successful competitor. 

Covering the following: show day procedure, individual I-walk, mandatory poses, comparison round, glute walk, poise & posture on stage, hair/bikini/jewellery advice etc. 

With my knowledge and experience as a fitness and posing coach within the bodybuilding industry, I have an expert eye when it comes to the details needed to create those angles to best showcase individual physiques. Presentation is a priority when competing and I support each athlete's journey in feeling at their most confident when presenting their final package on stage. 

I am available for 1-2-1 or small group posing sessions. In person and online. (Essex based for face-to-face). 

Additional services include: face to face posing check-ins on show day itself, as well as a posing analysis service, offering video feedback to athletes.


2021 Regional - Beginners Wellness: 1st 

2021 La Familia - Novice Wellness: 1st 

2021 La Familia - Open Class B Wellness: 2nd 

2021: British Finals - Novice Wellness: 1st 

2021: British Finals - Open Class C Wellness: 1st 

2021: British Finals - Wellness Overall - OVERALL CHAMPION & AWARDED IFBB PRO CARD

I absolutely love this sport and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise, to ensure that you present your physique on stage the absolute best you can. 

Phoebe Hagan


Bikini Posing Coach


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My name is Phoebe Hagan, I am 25 years old and I am an IFBB Bikini Pro

I have always been into fitness since I was in school and always done some sort of sport… running, swimming, basketball, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics (to name a few) but my main sport I fell in love with over 5 years ago now was Bodybuilding. I have competed in over 25 shows in 4 years & earned my IFBB Pro card in June 2018. 

Bodybuilding has given me this amazing drive and passion to help better myself and other people. It has given me opportunities I could only have dreamed of doing & still can’t believe I have done. I have featured in BBC Three programmes twice (Get Muscly in a Month & The Bikini Bodybuilder | Phoebe Hagan) explaining all about my passion 

The best part about this sport is giving back. I love helping others make themselves feel confident with their stage presentation. I have been a posing coach for over 3 years & posed 1000s of bikini girls. It’s all about confidence. Once you give someone that, they feel like they can do anything which I love being a part of.

I am honoured to say I am a bodybuilder and am grateful to represent the U.K professionally within this sport


2018: Amateur Olympia Junior, Tall, Overall Bikini 1st Place & IFBB Pro Card Earned 

2018: 5x Top 5 Placings in IFBB Bikini Pro Shows

2019: 4x Top 6 Placings in IFBB Bikini Pro Shows 

2019; 1st Pro Win in Las Vegas 


Posing Coach - Male & Female Athletes


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I aim to help all athletes from first timers to the elite, perfect their posing and showcase their physique to the best of their ability. 

With my competitive history of being a dancer for many years, this gave me the experience and attention to detail with teaching and helping others perform on and off the stage. 

I transitioned from dancing to bodybuilding in 2017 and put a lot of time into my own posing and development. I started competing with 2bros in 2020, taking 1st place in my first pro qualifier, this then solidified my path and I started working towards earning my IFBB pro card. 

From 2020 I have competed in 2 regional shows and 10 international pro qualifier shows, achieving my IFBB pro card at the NPC European pro qualifier, Alicante, November 2022. I then went on to compete within the IFBB bikini pro league placing 11th in my first Pro bikini show. 

With my knowledge and experience as a competitive athlete, I have a fantastic trained eye for bodybuilding, the class criteria, and attention to detail for posing that is specific to the individual.

I am a highly driven, determined and positive individual and I always want to bring the best out of others. 

I have always been passionate about helping others, and I care deeply about providing the athletes with excellent customer service. I have worked with clients on their posing journey since 2019, ranging from first timers, top level amateurs, to competitive professional athletes. 

I pride myself in being extremely patient and supportive with every single one of my clients, ensuring my customers feel comfortable at all times. 

I teach both male and female athletes covering:
- The basics and fundamentals 
- Compulsory & mandatory poses 
- Transitional poses & transitions
- I walk & individual routines 
- Routine choreography for classes that require a 60s routine 
- Stage craft & stage presence 

Offering one to one in person sessions (based at Ultraflex gym in Rotherham), online Skype sessions, group posing and posing workshops. 

Additional services include video analysis, great for athletes needing additional fine tuning just before show day. 

With my professional teaching skills combined with my love and passion for bodybuilding, I guarantee to create the capability to perform naturally and confidently on stage, whilst showcasing your physique to the best of your ability.


Bikini & Wellness Posing Coach

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@char_thebikinicoach / @thebikinicoach_

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I am an experienced competitor, winning national & international shows. I achieved my IFBB Bikini Pro Card in Alicante, Spain in 2022.

I have a real passion for posing and I love helping girls of all levels, from real beginners looking to learn the basics of posing but also have an eye for the finer details & teaching people how to really showcase their physique in the best light on stage.

I help people from first time competitors, all the way through to those looking to achieve pro status.

I offer 1-2-1 face to face lessons at LRF Gym (in Ashford, Kent) & I also offer online lessons.

Covering mandatory poses, transitioning, individual presentation (I-Walk), comparison round, walking, stage presence & confidence.

I am looking forward to working with you & helping you bring your best to the 2Bros stage!

Competing history:


2Bros British Finals 3 x 1st

2Bros 1 x 1st


2Bros 1 x 1st

2Bros 1 x 1st

NPC Alicante 1 x 2nd

2Bros Denmark 1 x 1st

NPC Alicante 1 x 2nd


2Bros 1 x 1st

NPC Alicante 1 x 1st

2Bros Finland 1 x 1st

2Bros UK 1 x 2nd

NPC Alicante 1 x 1st & Overall & Pro Card